Host factors promoting viral RNA replication

Peter D. Nagy, Judit Pogany

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Plus-stranded RNA viruses, the largest group among eukaryotic viruses, are capable of reprogramming host cells by subverting host proteins and membranes, by co-opting and modulating protein and ribonucleoprotein complexes, and by altering cellular pathways during infection. To achieve robust replication, plus-stranded RNA viruses interact with numerous cellular molecules via protein-protein, RNA-protein, and protein-lipid interactions using molecular mimicry and other means. These interactions lead to the transformation of the host cells into viral factories that can produce 10,000-1,000,000 progeny RNAs per infected cell. This chapter presents the progress that was made largely in the last 15 years in understanding virus-host interactions during RNA virus replication. The most commonly employed approaches to identify host factors that affect plus-stranded RNA virus replication are described. In addition, we discuss many of the identified host factors and their proposed roles in RNA virus replication. Altogether, host factors are key determinants of the host range of a given virus and affect virus pathology, host-virus interactions, as well as virus evolution. Studies on host factors also contribute insights into their normal cellular functions, thus promoting understanding of the basic biology of the host cell. The knowledge obtained in this fast-progressing area will likely stimulate the development of new antiviral methods as well as novel strategies that could make plus-stranded RNA viruses useful in bio- and nanotechnology.

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