Husserl's constitutive phenomenology: Its problem and promise

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If Edmund Husserl's true philosophy lay in his unpublished research manuscripts, as he argues, then it is in these - rather than the "introductions" and fragmentary studies he published during his lifetime - that we may possibly find a systematic of his philosophy. This work constitutes a study of the full range of Husserl's writings with the special task of uncovering there the systematic presentation or presentations of the transcendental phenomenological problematic. Sandmeyer's study contains an overview of Husserl's total set of writings, a translation of Husserl correspondence with Georg Misch, a translation of a draft outline of the "system of phenomenological philosophy" produced by Husserl in collaboration with his assistant, Eugen Fink, and it also closely traces the influence of Wilhelm Dilthey on Husserl's philosophy.

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