Identification and genetics of horse lymphocyte alloantigens

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Six hundred horses were tested with lymphocytotoxic antisera derived from 550 parous mares and 58 antisera produced by alloimmunization with horse blood cells. Seven equine lymphocyte specificities were identified using correlation analysis of the test data, absorption analysis and lysostripping. These specificities are expressed on lymphocytes and platelets, but not on red blood cells (RBC). Therefore, these specificities do not appear to be products of any of the eight known blood group systems of the horse. - The distribution of these specificities in 113 Thoroughbred horses and 57 Arabian horses is presented. Two specificities are subtypic to two other specificities reported here. Family studies indicated that all of these specificities are products of one genetic system. However, it is not clear whether the system consists of one or more loci.

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