Identifying and Addressing High Priority Issues in General Surgery Training and Education

Jonathan Fryer, Mary Schuller, Greg Wnuk, Shari Meyerson, Joseph Zwischenberger, Andreas Meier, Reed Williams, Brian George

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Background: Complex problems are often easier to address when multiple entities collaborate. The Procedural Learning and Safety Collaborative (PLSC) was established to address complex problems in general surgery residency training by connectively engaging multiple residency programs in addressing progressive research questions. Study Design: Recently, PLSC members held a national symposium which included leadership from several leading surgical societies to come to a consensus on what are the most critical issues in general surgery education. Results: This paper describes the process used and the end result of this process. This paper describes the process used and the end result of this process.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)50-54
Number of pages5
JournalJournal of Surgical Education
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 1 2019

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We would like to acknowledge all the participants in the PLSC symposium including Brian George MD, University of Michigan; Mary Schuller MS, Northwestern University; Jordan Bohnen MD, Massachusetts General Hospital; Jeffrey Chipman MD, University of Minnesota; Gary Dunnington MD, Indiana University; Jonathan Fryer MD, Northwestern University; Stan Hamstra PhD, ACGME; Sam Mandell MD, University of Washington; Andreas Meier MD, SUNY; Rebecca Scully MD, Brigham and Women's Hospital; David Swanson PhD, ABMS; Laura Torbeck PhD, Indiana University; Reed Williams PhD, Indiana University; PJ Schenarts MD, University of Nebraska; Jeff Matthews MD, RRC; Paul Wise MD, Washington University; Kyla Terhune MD, Vanderbilt University; Doug Smink MD, Brigham and Women's; Jennifer Choi MD, Indiana University; Tim Nelson MD, University of New Mexico; Chip Foley MD, University of Wisconsin; David Burns MD, University of Rochester; Gurjit Sandhu PhD, University of Michigan; David Harrington MD, Brown University; Lena Napolitano MD, University of Michigan; Heather Lillemoe MD, Vanderbilt University; Karl Bilimoria MD, Northwestern University; Yue-Yung Hu MD, Northwestern University; Dan Hashimoto MD, Massachusetts General Hospital; Jitesh Patel MD, University of Kentucky; Andrew Jones PhD, ABS; Greg Wnuk??, University of Michigan; Mark Malangoni MD, ABS; John Potts MD, ACGME; Michael Meyers MD, University of North Carolina; Jay Zwischenberger MD, University of Kentucky; Shari Meyerson MD, Northwestern University; Ezra Teitelbaum MD, Northwestern University; John Mellinger MD, Southern Illinois University; Nat Soper MD, Northwestern University.

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