Influence of exogenous progesterone on early embryonic development in the mare

B. A. Ball, P. G. Miller, P. F. Daels

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The influence of exogenous progesterone on the development of equine oviductal embryos was determined based upon the recovery of Day-7 uterine blastocysts from treated mares (n = 13) that were given 450 mg progesterone daily between Days 0 and 6 and from untreated control mares (n = 13). Daily administration of 450 mg progesterone in oil significantly (P < 0.02) increased serum progesterone concentrations in the treated mares. There was no significant difference in the recovery rate of Day-7 embryos between treated and control mares ( 8 13 versus 6 13, respectively). Embryonic development, assessed by morphologic evaluation, embryo diameter, and number of cell nuclei was not significantly different for embryos from treated and from control mares. The results of this study indicate that administration of progesterone beginning on the day of ovulation does not affect the embryo recovery rate or embryonic development, based on evaluation of uterine blastocysts recovered at Day 7 after ovulation.

Original languageEnglish
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Issue number6
StatePublished - Dec 1992

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Funding Information:
We thank the Harry M. Zweig Memorial Fund for equine research and Thornbrook Farms for financial support; Dr. P.J. Burns for assistance in preparation of progesterone, Dr. J. Ellington for assistance with embryo staining; D. Waldow, and H. Das for technical assistance; and C. Collyer and the staff of the Equine Research Park for animal care. Portions of these results were presented at the 12th International Congress on Animal Reproduction, The Hague in August, 1992.

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