Information flows, global finance, and new digital spaces

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Information has long played an important role in the economy and over the past decades its prominence has increased, particularly within the financial sector. Digital flows of information are central to building advantage within capital exchanges, the creation of synthetic worlds, and the functioning of dentralized currencies and shared recordkeeping. These new practices, spaces and geographies-manifesting within the architecture of computers and absolutely dependent upon information flows-are powerful influences on the financial industry and the entire global economy. The power to channel information flows makes it absolutely fundamental to analyse the advantages and disadvantages of these configurations. The economic geographies emerging from the current structure of information flows reflect the ideologies with which they were created and the goals of their designers.

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StatePublished - Feb 5 2018

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  • Bitcoin
  • Crowd source
  • High-frequency trading (HFT)
  • Information economy
  • Virtual currencies
  • Virtual economy
  • Virtual worlds

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