Interdisciplinary management of an adult orthodontic patient: a case report and literature review

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The purposes of this case report are to describe the course of treatment for a 29-year-old woman with a chief complaint of spaces in her dentition and to review relevant clinical topics in the literature. The primary etiology of the spacing in this case was a congenitally missing maxillary right lateral incisor and a peg-shaped maxillary left lateral incisor. The clinical diagnosis included skeletal and dental discrepancies in all 3 planes of space; a skeletal and dental open bite; a high and asymmetric smile line with a skeletal occlusal cant; a Class II dental occlusion; a Class III skeletal tendency; and insufficient space for standard-size restoration of the maxillary lateral incisors. A history of poor oral hygiene, multiple restorations, and tooth wear were added challenges. The patient initially requested minimal esthetic procedures. However, during the course of treatment, she changed her treatment goals to achieve optimal esthetics. The case required a multidisciplinary planning approach. This report highlights treatment options, outcomes, and avoidable mistakes for this type of complex case involving high esthetic demands. Additionally, key factors are identified to achieve successful treatment and patient satisfaction.

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