Large-dose infusions of heparinoid ORG 10172 in ischemic stroke

E. W. Massey, J. Biller, J. N. Davis, H. P. Adams, J. R. Marler, L. B. Goldstein, M. Alberts, A. Bruno

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We evaluated the safety and possible efficacy of large doses of the heparinoid ORG 10172 in 57 patients with acute or progressing ischemic stroke. Patients received a loading bolus of the drug followed by a maintenance intravenous infusion for 7 days. The plasma level of ORG 10172 was monitored by the degree of inhibition of coagulation factor Xa. In general, the drug was well tolerated and few hemorrhagic complications occurred. Two patients with large cardioembolic hemispheric strokes had intracranial hemorrhagic complications. Most patients improved during treatment. By 3 months after the stroke, 37 patients (65%) had a favorable outcome (minimal or no residual disability). This study suggests that high-dose intravenous infusions of ORG 10172 can be safely given to patients with acute ischemic stroke.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1289-1292
Number of pages4
Issue number9
StatePublished - Sep 1990


  • Anticoagulants
  • Cerebral ischemia
  • Early treatment

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  • Clinical Neurology
  • Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine
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