Learning Preferences and Engagement Level of Generation Z Nursing Students

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Background Minimal information exists about the educational environment that will foster learning and engage Generation Z students. Purpose The purposes of this study were to identify the teaching methods that Generation Z nursing students preferred and felt were the most engaging and effective for learning and to determine their engagement level in the classroom setting. Methods This study employed a descriptive, cross-sectional design. Results Lecture with audience response clickers was the most preferred/most engaging and effective method for helping Generation Z nursing students learn, whereas assigned reading was the least preferred method. Students preferred a traditional classroom model instead of a flipped classroom. Acquiring skills was the dimension of engagement rated the highest by this group of students. Conclusions Innovative lectures that incorporate applicable visual images and audience involvement combined with simulation, videos, and case studies may encompass a teaching formula that will engage and foster learning for Generation Z students.

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JournalNurse Educator
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StatePublished - May 1 2020

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  • Generation Z
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