Mammography Promotion in the Emergency Department: A Pilot Study

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Objectives: The objective of this pilot study is to assess the need, desire, and applicability of a mammography promotion project in the emergency department (ED).Design and Sample: A convenience sample from the ED of a public University hospital was surveyed to determine their mammography status, interest in a program to promote mammography, and barriers to mammography.Measures: The survey included demographics information, health care access, including health insurance and primary care provider, mammography status and date of mammogram, as well as a checklist of potential barriers. Participants were also asked whether they would be interested in mammography promotion in this setting.Results: More than 15% of the 197 women surveyed had never received a mammogram, and more than half had not received 1 in the past year. The most common barriers to mammography were competing demands and money. Three quarters of the women said they would be interested in mammography promotion while waiting for care in the ED.Conclusions: This study provides promise that mammography promotion activities may be appropriately placed in the ED and provides a solid platform from which researchers and nurses may launch efforts to develop preventive health interventions in innovative public health care settings.

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StatePublished - Nov 2010


  • Emergency department
  • Mammography promotion
  • Vulnerable populations

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