Measurement of HΛ4 and HeΛ4 binding energy in Au+Au collisions at sNN = 3 GeV

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Measurements of mass and Λ binding energy of Λ4H and Λ4He in Au+Au collisions at sNN=3 GeV are presented, with an aim to address the charge symmetry breaking (CSB) problem in hypernuclei systems with atomic number A = 4. The Λ binding energies are measured to be 2.22±0.06(stat.)±0.14(syst.) MeV and 2.38±0.13(stat.)±0.12(syst.) MeV for Λ4H and Λ4He, respectively. The measured Λ binding-energy difference is 0.16±0.14(stat.)±0.10(syst.) MeV for ground states. Combined with the γ-ray transition energies, the binding-energy difference for excited states is −0.16±0.14(stat.)±0.10(syst.) MeV, which is negative and comparable to the value of the ground states within uncertainties. These new measurements on the Λ binding-energy difference in A = 4 hypernuclei systems are consistent with the theoretical calculations that result in ΔBΛ4(1exc+)≈−ΔBΛ4(0g.s.+)<0 and present a new method for the study of CSB effect using relativistic heavy-ion collisions.

Original languageEnglish
Article number137449
JournalPhysics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics
StatePublished - Nov 10 2022

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