Measurement of strange-quark contributions to the nucleon's form factors at Q2 = 0.230 (GeV/c)2

F. E. Maas, P. Achenbach, K. Aulenbacher, S. Baunack, L. Capozza, J. Diefenbach, K. Grimm, Y. Imai, T. Hammel, D. Von Harrach, E. M. Kabuß, R. Kothe, J. H. Lee, A. Lorente, A. Lopes Ginja, L. Nungesser, E. Schilling, G. Stephan, C. Weinrich, I. AltarevJ. Arvieux, B. Collin, R. Frascaria, M. Guidal, R. Kunne, D. Marchand, M. Morlet, S. Ong, J. Van De Wiele, S. Kowalski, B. Plaster, R. Suleiman, S. Taylor

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A measurement of the parity-violating asymmetry in the scattering of longitudinally polarized electrons on unpolarized protons was performed. A new type of very fast, homogeneous, total absorption calorimeter consisting of individual lead fluoride crystals was developed to detect the scattered electrons. It was observed that the energy, helicity and impact information were stored together in a three-dimensional histogram. The measurement shows for the first time evidence for the observation of a contribution of the strange quarks to the electric vector form factor of the nucleon.

Original languageEnglish
Article number022002
Pages (from-to)022002-1-022002-4
JournalPhysical Review Letters
Issue number2
StatePublished - Jul 9 2004

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Funding Information:
This work is supported by the DFG under SFB 201, SPP 1034, by the IN2P3 of CNRS, and in part by the DOE. We are indebted to K. H. Kaiser and the MAMI crew and we thank the A1 Collaboration for the Møller polarimeter measurements.

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