Medical education research at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine

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A number of events, conditions, and interventions have contributed to the productivity of medical education research at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine (UKCOM): a history of medical education innovation; curricular reform in the 1990s; merging the offices of admissions, academic affairs, student affairs, and curriculum and evaluation into the Office of Education; establishing the Center of Excellence in Medical Education that provides opportunities for faculty development in medical education research; assigning trained educators to work with course and clerkship directors on medical education projects; and developing and sustaining an institutional culture that supports and values the medical education research enterprise. Faculty and professional staff members at UKCOM espouse the following "lessons learned" when mentoring others at the institution who are interested in embarking upon educational research projects: study your work; focus on applied research; review the literature - get to know your librarians and consider what has been written; work in groups; seek a research design and statistical consultant; make time to write and write with an outlet in mind; and work to build a program of research. Following this approach has created a helpful path toward medical education research productivity for many at UKCOM.

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