Merged learning outcomes for information literacy A David Letterman-style Top Ten List

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University of Kentucky (UK) librarians are testing a new approach in the perennial quest to encourage professors and other course instructors to incorporate information literacy concepts into their course designs. Although many curricula desire or even require information literacy to be included among their learning outcomes, many instructors simply do not know what information literacy learning outcomes could or should be. We wondered if a top ten list could help, and we developed one this year, based on a cross-disciplinary group of information literacy standards. Consider your own favorite information literacy outcomes from the ACRL standards, or those that come out of your work with the Framework for Information Literacy: are there some that are more foundational, more widely applicable, more essential? We considered each of these themes in our project, and we’re excited to present the final list of ten great information literacy learning outcomes we shared with our university committee.

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