Method for Decoupling Solid and Radiative Thermal Conductivity in Fibrous Insulation Materials

Christopher T. Barrow, John F. Maddox, Sergiy Markutsya

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Fibrous insulation materials are used in thermal protection systems (TPS) due to their low thermal conductivity and low density. The study of the underlying conductivity physics is in active research since the conductivity is derived from multiple heat transfer modes. The primary heat transfer modes are solid conduction through fibers, gaseous conduction between fibers, and radiation exchange between the fibers. Under vacuum, the solid and radiation modes are hard to distinguish. To separate these modes, a collection of conductivity measurements under a wide range of temperatures must be conducted. This allows for radiation to be enhanced at high temperatures and minimized at lower temperatures. To ensure the validity of parameters fitted to the measurement data, a study of the fitting technique was performed on benchmark data that models the solid and radiation in other materials. This has historically been done using genetic algorithms due to the non-linear nature of the models, and this method was employed for this study. Simulated measurement data was generated using the benchmark case and techniques were trialed to determine the best approach in properly fitting the data. A technique that performed a non-negative bounding search on the genetic algorithm minimizing the residuals of the fit had the best fitting parameters and can be used in later work on untested materials.

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StatePublished - 2022
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