Metrics of the gynecologic oncology literature focused on cited utilization and costs

Edward J. Pavlik, John Hoff, Dylan Woolum, Yuqing Liang, Christiaan Wijers, Melissa Schwartz, Jason Lefringhouse, Lauren Baldwin

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Objective The newest findings on literature utilization relevant to gynecologic oncology were published by Thomson Reuters during June 2013 as determinants of journal standing. Our objective was to assess the different metrics reported for relative impact and cost for journals relevant to gynecologic oncology. Methods 55 journals were evaluated for Impact Factor (IF), 5 Year IF, Immediacy Index, Cited Half Life, Eigenfactor (EF) Score, Article Influence (AI) scores and subscription costs obtained from publisher information. Results CA-A Cancer Journal for Clinicians had the highest IF (101.78) & AI (24.502). The top EF cancer-specific journals were the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Cancer Research, Clinical Cancer Research and Oncogene. Rankings for Gynecologic Oncology (409 articles, 18,243 citations) were IF = 3.929, 43/55, EF = 0.038, 28/55, and AI = 1.099, 44/55, all higher than the previous year. The IF improved from the 5 year IF in 31 journals, including Gynecologic Oncology, 29/31. Subscription costs for Gynecologic Oncology compared favorably to other journals. Conclusions The high utilization of review information in CA-A Cancer Journal for Clinicians and Nature Review Cancer illustrated by the IF coupled with a relatively low number of articles and short cited half life indicates that they serve as a leading source of quoted cancer statistics (CA-A Cancer Journal for Clinicians). Rankings for Gynecologic Oncology and the International Journal of Gynecologic Cancer have improved. Regardless of specialty size, the Impact Factor for Gynecologic Oncology is respectably strong. The decreased IF in 44% of the journals may reflect the international economy's effect on cancer research.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)423-427
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JournalGynecologic Oncology
Issue number2
StatePublished - Feb 2014


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  • Impact factor

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