G. T. Lineberry, L. Adler

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A systematic, comprehensive, balanced approach is presented for underground coal mine design, capable of being standardized and generalized. The flow-chart starts with organized input data: Company Capabilities, Property Description, Geologic Analysis and Reserve Analysis. Engineering combines Ground Control with Excavating and Bulk Handling to map feasible Mining Methods, the crucial Milestone Diagram. Layout and Sequencing follow, with numerous alternatives examined. Scheduling is performed on the best designs, using predicted advance (performance) rates. Active and mined-out areas are isolated into time-related parcels, or increments, for the mine life. Bulk Handling, Life Support (especially ventilation and drainage), and Normal Support systems occupy each parcel. Regulations are then checked. Management concerns are covered, and an Economic Analysis is performed for profitability. This and the design represent an Initial Tentative Solution. Continued iterations produce multiple and improved choices.

Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - 1987

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