Moments of the neutron g2 structure function at intermediate Q2

P. Solvignon, N. Liyanage, J. P. Chen, Seonho Choi, K. Slifer, K. Aniol, T. Averett, W. Boeglin, A. Camsonne, G. D. Cates, C. C. Chang, E. Chudakov, B. Craver, F. Cusanno, A. Deur, D. Dutta, R. Ent, R. Feuerbach, S. Frullani, H. GaoF. Garibaldi, R. Gilman, C. Glashausser, V. Gorbenko, O. Hansen, D. W. Higinbotham, H. Ibrahim, X. Jiang, M. Jones, A. Kelleher, J. Kelly, C. Keppel, W. Kim, W. Korsch, K. Kramer, G. Kumbartzki, J. J. Lerose, R. Lindgren, B. Ma, D. J. Margaziotis, P. Markowitz, K. McCormick, Z. E. Meziani, R. Michaels, B. Moffit, P. Monaghan, C. Munoz Camacho, K. Paschke, B. Reitz, A. Saha, R. Shneor, J. Singh, V. Sulkosky, A. Tobias, G. M. Urciuoli, K. Wang, K. Wijesooriya, B. Wojtsekhowski, S. Woo, J. C. Yang, X. Zheng, L. Zhu

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We present new experimental results for the He3 spin structure function g2 in the resonance region at Q2 values between 1.2 and 3.0(GeV/c)2. Spin dependent moments of the neutron were extracted. Our main result, the inelastic contribution to the neutron d2 matrix element, was found to be small at (Q2)=2.4(GeV/c)2 and in agreement with the lattice QCD calculation. The Burkhardt-Cottingham sum rule for He3 and the neutron was tested with the measured data and using the Wandzura-Wilczek relation for the low x unmeasured region.

Original languageEnglish
Article number015208
JournalPhysical Review C - Nuclear Physics
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jul 15 2015

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics


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