Multifunctional role of the co-opted Cdc48 AAA+ ATPase in tombusvirus replication

Zhike Feng, Nikolay Kovalev, Peter D. Nagy

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Replication of positive-strand RNA viruses depends on usurped cellular membranes and co-opted host proteins. Based on pharmacological inhibition and genetic and biochemical approaches, the authors identified critical roles of the cellular Cdc48 unfoldase/segregase protein in facilitating the replication of tomato bushy stunt virus (TBSV). We show that TBSV infection induces the expression of Cdc48 in Nicotiana benthamiana plants. Cdc48 binds to the TBSV replication proteins through its N-terminal region. In vitro TBSV replicase reconstitution experiments demonstrated that Cdc48 is needed for efficient replicase assembly and activity. Surprisingly, the in vitro replication experiments also showed that excess amount of Cdc48 facilitates the disassembly of the membrane-bound viral replicase-RNA template complex. Cdc48 is also needed for the recruitment of additional host proteins. Because several human viruses, including flaviviruses, utilize Cdc48, also called VCP/p97, for replication, we suggest that Cdc48 might be a common panviral host factor for plant and animal RNA viruses.

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StatePublished - Nov 2022

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