Multi‐gallon blood donors: who are they?

D. Royse, K. E. Doochin

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BACKGROUND: Although vital to the nation's blood centers, multi‐gallon blood donors have never been the focus of investigation. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS: In the fall of 1994, questionnaires were sent to 500 individuals who had donated 5 gallons or more and to 500 randomly selected donors. RESULTS: Multi‐gallon donors reported that they received little recognition or support for their efforts and were not pressured by friends or family. One‐third were not allowed time off from work to donate. One in five reported having a “bad experience” while donating. Donors who had family members or friends who had received blood donated a greater number of units than those who were not as close to blood recipients. CONCLUSION: Women and minorities are underrepresented among long‐term donors. Further research is needed to learn what “captures” donors and helps them to develop the psychological commitment to continue to give, as well as why few multi‐ gallon donors talk about blood donation. 1995 AABB

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StatePublished - Oct 1995

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