Narrow arithmetic progressions in the primes

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We study arithmetic progressions in primes with common differences as small as possible. Tao and Ziegler showed that, for any κ ≥ 3 and N large, there exist nontrivial κ-term arithmetic progressions in (any positive density subset of) the primes up to N with common difference O((logN)Lκ ), for an unspecified constant Lκ. In this work, we obtain this statement with the precise value Lκ = (κ - 1)2κ-2. This is achieved by proving a relative version of Szemerédi's theorem for narrow progressions requiring simpler pseudorandomness hypotheses in the spirit of recent work of Conlon, Fox, and Zhao.

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JournalInternational Mathematics Research Notices
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StatePublished - Jan 2017

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