Narrow nucleon- ψ (2S) bound state and LHCb pentaquarks

Michael I. Eides, Victor Yu Petrov, Maxim V. Polyakov

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We interpret the newly discovered pentaquark Pc(4450) as a bound state of charmonium ψ(2S) and the nucleon. The binding potential is due to the charmonium-nucleon interaction that in the heavy quark approximation is proportional to the product of the charmonium chromoelectric polarizability and the nucleon energy-momentum distribution. We use the large Nc expansion to estimate the quarkonium polarizability and calculate the nucleon properties in the framework of the mean-field picture of light baryons. Two almost degenerate states JP=(1/2)- and JP=(3/2)- are predicted at the position of the Pc(4450) pentaquark. We find that the nucleon-ψ(2S) bound state has a naturally narrow width in the range of tens of MeV. The unitary multiplet partners of the Pc(4450) pentaquark and the generalization to bb-nucleon pentaquark bound states are discussed.

Original languageEnglish
Article number054039
JournalPhysical Review D
Issue number5
StatePublished - Mar 28 2016

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This paper was supported by the NSF, Grant No. PHY-1402593. The work of V.P. is supported by the Russian Science Foundation, Grant No. 14-22-00281. M.V.P. is grateful to Hyun-Chul Kim and Michal Praszalowicz for fruitful discussions.

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