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The authors look into the academic carrier of Natalia Pushkareva. They give a brief introduction on Russian women’s studies in the 1990-2000s. International contacts are important for developing and building departments and centers of women and gender studies. Western grants played a positive role in the field of women’s studies in Russia and Eastern Europe. However, grants were given mostly to the fields of applied social studies. Natalia Pushkareva played a key role in the development of women studies in Russia. Her book Russian Women in History: From the Tenths to the Twentieth Century was the first monograph on women’s history translated into English. The work of two scholars Natalia Pushkareva and Eve Levin (who edited and translated the monograph into English) is a perfect example of international fruitful cooperation in academia. The book is being used by both students and scholars. Natalia Pushkareva’s numerous publications made a great input into the international field of women studies. The authors write about Pushkareva’s service to Russian and international academia, about her efforts to bring knowledge and help other scholars. Pushkareva works for wide Russian public. Her publications range from feminist and gender theory to popular articles.

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  • Eve Levin
  • Natalia L. Pushkareva
  • Russia
  • feminism
  • gender studies
  • women's history

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