Neutron electric form factor up to Q2 = 1.47 (GeV/c)2

R. Madey, A. Yu Semenov, S. Taylor, A. Aghalaryan, E. Crouse, G. MacLachlan, B. Plaster, S. Tajima, W. Tireman, Chenyu Yan, A. Ahmidouch, B. D. Anderson, H. Arenhövel, R. Asaturyan, O. Baker, A. R. Baldwin, H. Breuer, R. Carlini, E. Christy, S. ChurchwellL. Cole, S. Danagoulian, D. Day, M. Elaasar, R. Ent, M. Farkhondeh, H. Fenker, J. M. Finn, L. Gan, K. Garrow, P. Gueye, C. Howell, B. Hu, M. K. Jones, J. J. Kelly, C. Keppel, M. Khandaker, W. Y. Kim, S. Kowalski, A. Lung, D. Mack, D. M. Manley, P. Markowitz, J. Mitchell, H. Mkrtchyan, A. Opper, C. Perdrisat, V. Punjabi, B. Raue, T. Reichelt, J. Reinhold, J. Roche, Y. Sato, I. A. Semenova, W. Seo, N. Simicevic, G. Smith, S. Stepanyan, V. Tadevosyan, L. Tang, P. Ulmer, W. Vulcan, J. W. Watson, S. Wells, F. Wesselmann, S. Wood, Chen Yan, S. Yang, L. Yuan, W. M. Zhang, H. Zhu, X. Zhu

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The ratio of the electric to the magnetic form factor of the neutron, g ≡ GEn/GMn, was measured via recoil polarimetry (R.G. Arnold, C.E. Carlson, F. Gross, Phys. Rev. C 23, 363 (1981)) from the quasielastic 2H(e, e′ n) 1H reaction at three values of Q2 (viz, 0.45, 1.15, and 1.47 (GeV/c)2) in Hall C of the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility. The data reveal that Gen continues to follow the Galster parameterization up to Q2 = 1.15 (GeV/c)2 and rises above the Galster parameterization at Q2 = 1.47 (GeV/c)2.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)323-327
Number of pages5
JournalEuropean Physical Journal A
Issue number3
StatePublished - Jun 2003

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics


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