Organic labelling, private label, and U.S. household demand for fluid milk

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The U.S. fluid milk market has been experiencing two trends in the recent decade: the fast growth of private label milk and organic milk. Using the data from Nielsen Homescan Panel, we estimate a censored demand system to study the demand relations among types of milk differentiated by brand types and organic status. We find that sociodemographic factors still play important roles in household choice of milk types, and fluid milk, as a whole, is an inferior good. Moreover, as income increases, households are more likely to shift from buying conventional milk to organic milk and from private label conventional milk to branded conventional milk, as indicated by the asymmetric cross price elasticities. Corresponding implications for milk producers and marketers are discussed.

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JournalApplied Economics
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StatePublished - Jun 15 2018

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  • Private label
  • censored demand system
  • elasticities
  • milk
  • organic

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