PCB Coil Design Producing a Uniform Confined Magnetic Field

Peter A. Koss, Christopher Crawford, Georg Bison, Elise Wursten, Malgorzata Kasprzak, Nathal Severijns

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We present a magnetic field confining coil with a sub-10-3 field uniformity over a large fraction of the coil. The structure is entirely made out of printed circuit boards (PCBs). The PCB design allows the path of the wires to be tailored to fit the required geometry. We measure the field uniformity with cesium magnetometers in a field range from 1 to 10 μT. Our application uses such a coil for an atomic magnetometry-based current controller.

Original languageEnglish
Article number7920330
JournalIEEE Magnetics Letters
StatePublished - 2017

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  • Electromagnetics
  • magnetic instruments
  • magnetic measurements
  • magnetic sensors

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  • Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials


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