Petrology of liquefaction residues from the Breckinridge cannel, western Kentucky

James C. Hower

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Solid residues from the liquefaction at four temperatures of the Breckinridge coal bed, an alginite-rich coal from western Kentucky, provide examples of the changes to be expected in the relatively rare alginite-rich zones of humic coals. Vitrinite reacts at low temperatures and in the 385°C/15 min residue its product appears to be vitroplast which is a matrix between relatively unreacted bituminite-alginite particles. Both alginite and bituminite show signs of softening by 427°C/15 min. Both macerals still fluoresce at 427°C/15 min. By 435°C/15 min the residues are dominated by a granular residue, most likely derived from bituminite with some alginite contribution possible. An anisotropic semi-coke, possibly derived from the repolymerization of tars and oils, was observed at all temperatures. Framboidal anisotropic sulfides (pyrrhotite?), distinctly different from any sulfide observed in the raw coal, are well developed in the higher temperature residues.

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Pages (from-to)299-305
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JournalOrganic Geochemistry
Issue number3
StatePublished - 1989

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Acknowledgements--DPoonll ocka ssistedin the collection of the Breckinridgceo res.D arrellT aulbeea ndCathy Poole performedth e demineralization daennds ity-gradiecnetn - trifugationT. he AnalyticaGl roupat the KentuckyC enter for Applied EnergyR esearcha nalyzedth e coal samples. Liquefactiown as doneb y RobertK eoghas part of a U.S. Departmenot f Energy contract( DE-FC22-86PC90017). BurtronH . Davisi s projectc oordinatofro r thec ontracat t the KentuckyE nergyC abinetL aboratoryR. esearcha t the KentuckyC enterf or AppliedE nergyR esearcihs fundedb y the Kentucky Energy Cabinet,C ommonwealtohf Kentucky.


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  • alginite
  • bituminite
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  • liquefaction residues

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