Plant Rhabdoviruses

A. O. Jackson, R. G. Dietzgen, R. X. Fang, M. M. Goodin, S. A. Hogenhout, M. Deng, J. N. Bragg

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Viruses of the family Rhabdoviridae collectively infect invertebrates, animals, and plants. More than 90 putative plant rhabdoviruses have been identified and these are classified in two genera, Cytorhabdovirus and Nucleorhabdovirus, based on whether they undergo replication in the cytoplasm or the nucleus. This article presents a description of contemporary findings about rhabdovirus biology, taxonomy, replication, morphogenesis, cell biology, vector relations, and pathology. The genome organization and structure of several recently sequenced nucleorhabdoviruses and cytorhabdoviruses is integrated with new cell biology findings to provide a model for the replication of the two genera.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationEncyclopedia of Virology
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2008

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  • Cytorhabdovirus
  • Nucleorhabdovirus
  • P protein nuclear import
  • Plant rhabdovirus cell-to-cell movement
  • Plant rhabdovirus evolution
  • Plant rhabdovirus hosts
  • Plant rhabdovirus proteins
  • Plant rhabdovirus replication cycle
  • Rhabdovirus N
  • Rhabdovirus relationships
  • Rhabdovirus transmission
  • Rhabdovirus vectors
  • Rhabdovirus viroplasms

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