Preferential conservation of the globular domains of the βA3/A1-crystallin polypeptide of the chicken eye lens

Charlotte A. Peterson, Joram Piatigorsky

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The primary structure of the β19/26-cry stallin polypeptide of the chicken lens has been determined by cDNA sequencing and primer extension experiments. In addition, a primer extension experiment has corrected the sequence for the N-terminal arm of the murine β23 polypeptide, which is the homologue of the chicken β19/26 polypeptide.We also show that, in the chicken and mouse, the N-terminal arm of the polypeptide is encoded on two separate exons. For simplicity, we have changed the names of both chicken β19/26 and murine β23 to βA3/A1,which is the name of the homologous bovine polypeptide. The deduced sequence of the chicken βA3/A1 polypeptide fits the predicted three-dimensional structure involving two homologous domains, each folded into two 'Greek key' motifs,common to the βγ-crystallin superfamily of proteins. Comparison of the amino acid sequence of the chicken and mammalian βA3/A1 polypeptides indicates that different regions of the protein, which are encoded on different exons, are diverging at different rates.The N-terminal extension is the fastest evolving region of the βA3/A1 polypeptide. Hybrid-selected translation coupled with primer extension experiments suggest that a single chicken βA3/A1 mRNA synthesizes two polypeptides, βA3 (25 kDa) and βA1(23 kDa) by utilization of different translation initiation sites.

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StatePublished - 1986

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We are gratefult o Dr. Mark A. Thompson for continuala dvicea nd interestin this work. We also thankD r. J. FieldingH ejtmancikf or the freeu seo f thec DNA clonesh ep reparedin our laboratoryD, rs. PeterC ollins,M elanieS pringsa, ndA na Chepelinsky for advice on primer extensione xperimentsD, r. GraemeJ . Wistowf or helpfuld iscussionos n protein structurea nd Mrs. Dawn Chicchirichi for expert typingo f this manuscriptC. AP is supportedb y NIH post-doctoragl rant5F32-EY05816-02.


  • 'Greek key' motifs
  • Recombinant DNA
  • bovine
  • cDNA sequencing
  • exons
  • molecular evolution
  • murine
  • primer extension

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