Providing quality employment services to people living with asthma in the vocational rehabilitation program: A model for meeting the needs of an emerging clientele

Phillip D. Rumrill, Judiann Mc Crone Romeo, Kimberly Wickert, Kathleen Sheppard-Jones, Sara Park, Juliet Souders

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BACKGROUND: With incidence and prevalence rates of asthma diagnoses steadily increasing in the United States and worldwide over the past 30 years, people with asthma are an emerging vocational rehabilitation (VR) consumer population. OBJECTIVE: This article describes the job acquisition and return to work considerations facing employees with asthma. METHODS: Following an overview of the etiology, incidence, prevalence, and career development implications of this chronic respiratory disease, the authors present career preparatory and return to work recommendations to meet the needs of Americans with asthma across the phases of the VR process. RESULTS: The importance of access to quality healthcare, lifestyle, and environmental modifications to promote respiratory health, employer consultation, workplace accommodations and universal design, and interface with medical and mental health professionals is emphasized throughout the article. CONCLUSION: Asthma is an emerging disability that disproportionally affects people of color and people who live in poverty. Rehabilitation professionals must be prepared to meet the needs of this growing and diverse clientele as people with asthma seek assistance from the VR program in acquiring, maintaining, and advancing in meaningful, satisfying employment.

Original languageEnglish
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Issue number2
StatePublished - Jun 13 2023

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