Psychological impairments in individuals with history of ankle sprain: a systematic review

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Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) can be used to assess and monitor psychological health following musculoskeletal injury. Studies have reported decreased psychological health after lateral ankle sprain (LAS) using numerous PROs. The purpose of this systematic review was to critically evaluate individual studies, summarize PROs utilized to quantify psychological health, and examine the effect of ankle injury on psychological health between groups (1 LAS, >1 LAS, and healthy controls). Databases searched included: CINAHL, MEDLINE, SPORTDiscus, APA, Psychinfo and PubMed Central. All case-control studies were critically appraised using the modified Downs and Black. Effect sizes (ES) were calculated between the groups (1 LAS, >1 LAS, healthy control) for each of the identified studies, for each included PRO used to quantify psychological impairments. Nine high-quality manuscripts were included. Overall, individuals with history of > 1 LAS self-reported greater psychological impairments compared to healthy controls (ES range = −0.37–12.16), while those with 1 LAS had similar psychological health to healthy control groups (ES rang e = −0.65–0.65). Conclusion: The main findings from this systematic review were individuals with > 1 LAS have increased levels of injury-related fear and decreased psychological health compared to healthy controls. PROs can aid clinicians in identifying psychological health concerns during rehabilitation.

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