Purposive-rational tumor therapy: Exploiting the tumor's 'living world' for diversifying, specifying and personalizing tumor therapy

Albrecht Reichle, Gerhard C. Hildebrandt

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Evolution-adjusted tumor pathophysiology introduces the view of systems participators to assess evolutionarily constrained validities and denotations of systems participators, and contrasts with the manacle of the classic disciplines, pathology and pathophysiology, which provide the view of observers. The differential perspective of communicative interaction applied by an evolution-adjusted tumor pathophysiology (1) involves the comprehension of tumor's systems features at diagnosis by accentuating the communicative aspects of a situation's analysis, (2) allows situating identity and function of systems participators as systems subjects during therapies modulating communication, (3) facilitates to describe the tumor's 'living world' comprising (all) endogenously or therapeutically redeemable validity claims and denotations of systems objects, (4) contributes to select and specify purposive aspects at diagnosis and during therapy to pragmatically configure and modulate available evolutionary based rationalization processes of normative notions (theranostics), and (5) affects the technologies to interfere with communication based pathologies in a tumor (adaptive trial designs). Evolution-adjusted tumor pathophysiology provides contently and methodologically novel approaches to succeed in personalizing tumor therapy, and should be introduced as clinically orientated discipline, equivalent with traditional disciplines, thereby increasing their value and accomplishing ethical demands. A tumor type-specific, systems stage-specific, metastatic site-specific or disease trait-orientated therapy seems to be within grasp.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationEvolution-adjusted Tumor Pathophysiology
Subtitle of host publicationThe Novel Language of Tumor Biology
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ISBN (Electronic)9789400768666
StatePublished - Aug 1 2013

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