Quark-hadron fuality in neutron (He3) spin structure

P. Solvignon, N. Liyanage, J. P. Chen, Seonho Choi, K. Aniol, T. Averett, W. Boeglin, A. Camsonne, G. D. Cates, C. C. Chang, E. Chudakov, B. Craver, F. Cusanno, A. Deur, D. Dutta, R. Ent, R. Feuerbach, S. Frullani, H. Gao, F. GaribaldiR. Gilman, C. Glashausser, V. Gorbenko, O. Hansen, D. W. Higinbotham, H. Ibrahim, X. Jiang, M. Jones, A. Kelleher, J. Kelly, C. Keppel, W. Kim, W. Korsch, K. Kramer, G. Kumbartzki, J. J. Lerose, R. Lindgren, B. Ma, D. J. Margaziotis, P. Markowitz, K. McCormick, Z. E. Meziani, R. Michaels, B. Moffit, P. Monaghan, C. Munoz Camacho, K. Paschke, B. Reitz, A. Saha, R. Sheyor, J. Singh, K. Slifer, V. Sulkosky, A. Tobias, G. M. Urciuoli, K. Wang, K. Wijesooriya, B. Wojtsekhowski, S. Woo, J. C. Yang, X. Zheng, L. Zhu

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We present experimental results of the first high-precision test of quark-hadron duality in the spin-structure function g1 of the neutron and He3 using a polarized He3 target in the four-momentum-transfer-squared range from 0.7 to 4.0(GeV/c)2. Global duality is observed for the spin-structure function g1 down to at least Q2=1.8(GeV/c)2 in both targets. We have also formed the photon-nucleon asymmetry A1 in the resonance region for He3 and found no strong Q2 dependence above 2.2(GeV/c)2.

Original languageEnglish
Article number182502
JournalPhysical Review Letters
Issue number18
StatePublished - Oct 30 2008

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