Readiness for Tobacco-Free Policy in a Statewide University System

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Background. Almost 2,000 campuses have adopted tobacco-free (TF) policies across the United States. However, there is not a systematic process to help campuses implement successful policies. Readiness assessments can help provide assistance as campuses work to implement successful policies. Purpose. We assessed readiness for TF policies among campuses of a statewide university system and determined factors associated with readiness. Participants. Stakeholders from 23 campuses without 100% TF policies were invited to participate in an online survey. Method. System administrators provided contacts for five to eight stakeholders per campus. Included in the analysis were 10 of 23 campuses (43.5%) with at least three stakeholders completing the survey. Results. Of the 10 campuses, one was in Preplanning, five were in Preparation, and four were in the Initiation stage of readiness. Political Climate was the highest scored dimension on seven campuses (0.74–1.0); Resources was the lowest on eight campuses (0.0–0.67). Campus size and county rurality were each associated with one dimension score. Conclusions. Despite being part of a statewide university system, campuses are in varying stages of readiness for TF policies. Stage-based strategies to advance TF campus policies must be implemented to set campuses up for successful policies.

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