Real-Time Weld Process Monitoring

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Welding is a complex process, is increasingly automated, and operates at higher speeds in more difficult environments. Defects also need to be detected as they arise to ensure efficient, high-quality production. All these needs have led to a growing interest in the use of sensors to provide accurate, robust, real-time monitoring where this cannot be achieved by more traditional testing and inspection techniques. This important book reviews the range of monitoring techniques available and their applications. After an introductory chapter, the first part of the book reviews the range of sensor technologies in welding, from arc and optical sensors to infrared and ultrasonic techniques. Part two discusses the monitoring of particular aspects of welding such as weld seams and profiles, the analysis of weld penetration and weld pool surface, as well as monitoring of resistance and laser welding. With its distinguished editor and international team of contributors, Real-time weld process monitoring is a valuable reference to all those concerned with improving the quality of welding and welded components.

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