Recommendations for postexposure prophylaxis of operating room personnel and patients exposed to bloodborne diseases

Richard F. Edlich, Tyler C. Wind, Cynthia L. Heather, Gregory G. Degnan, David B. Drake

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The purpose of this collective review is to discuss management of operating room personnel who have had occupational exposure to blood and other body fluids that might contain hepatitis B virus (HBV), hepatitis C virus (HCV), human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and human T-cell lymphotropic virus type I (HTLV-I). HBV postexposure prophylaxis includes starting hepatitis B vaccine series in any susceptible unvaccinated operating room personnel who sustain an exposure to blood or body fluid during surgery. Postexposure prophylaxis with hepatitis B immune globulin (HBIG) is an important consideration after determining the hepatitis B antigen status of the patient. Ideally, all operating room personnel should be vaccinated with hepatitis B vaccine before they pursue their career in surgery. Immune globulin and antiviral agents (e.g., interferon with or without ribavirin) should not be used for postexposure prophylaxis of operating room personnel exposed to patients with HCV; rather, follow-up HCV testing should be initiated to determine if infection develops. Postexposure prophylaxis for HIV involves a basic four-week regimen of two drugs (zidovudine and lamivudine; lamivudine and stavudine; or didanosine and stavudine) for most exposures. An expanded regimen that includes a third drug must be considered for HIV exposures that pose an increased risk for transmission. When developing a postexposure prophylaxis regimen, it is helpful to contact the National Clinicians' Postexposure Prophylaxis Hotline (1-888-448-4911).

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)103-116
Number of pages14
JournalJournal of Long-Term Effects of Medical Implants
Issue number2
StatePublished - 2003


  • Double-glove hole puncture indication system
  • Hepatitis B immune globulin
  • Hepatitis B vaccine
  • Hepatitis B virus
  • Hepatitis C virus
  • Human T-cell lymphotropic virus type I
  • Human immunodeficiency virus
  • Postexposure prophylaxis
  • ShurClens™

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