Registration of ‘Pembroke 2014’ soft red winter wheat

David A. Van Sanford, Anthony J. Clark, Don Hershman, Gina L. Brown-Guedira, Christina Cowger, Yanhong Dong, Byung Kee Baik

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The Kentucky wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) crop is always at risk for Fusarium head blight (FHB) because of the prevalent grain crop rotation used by farmers. Corn (Zea mays L.) is followed by wheat, which is followed by double-crop soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.]. The wheat crop is planted directly into corn stubble that harbors the causal fungus for FHB, Fusarium graminearum Schwabe. Therefore, developing FHB-resistant winter wheat cultivars is a major goal of the wheat breeding program in Kentucky. ‘Pembroke 2014’ (Reg. No. CV-1113, PI 675564) is an early maturing, semidwarf soft red winter wheat cultivar developed and released in 2014 by the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station for the combination of resistance to FHB, high yield potential, excellent test weight, and resistance to lodging. Pembroke 2014 was developed from the cross ‘25R18’/KY92C-0010-17//KY96C-0767-1. 25R18 is a soft red winter wheat cultivar with FHB resistance that likely traces to ‘Sumai 3’ or one of its derivatives. KY92C-0010-17 is a breeding line derived from the cross T63/VA85-54-290. KY96C-0767-1 is derived from the cross ‘2552’/VA92-51-12. The cross was made in 2003, and Pembroke 2014 was initially selected from F4:5 headrows in 2008 using a modified bulk breeding method. Selected rows that gave rise to Pembroke 2014, tested as KY03C-1237-32, carried the resistance allele at a major FHB resistance quantitative trait locus, Fhb1. Pembroke 2014 was extensively tested in multilocation replicated yield trials, the Uniform Eastern Soft Red Winter Wheat Nursery, the Uniform Northern Scab Nursery, and the Kentucky Wheat Variety Trial.

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JournalJournal of Plant Registrations
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 2016

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