Removal of pesticide residues from fabrics by laundering

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To determine if a relationship exists between the removal of pesticide residues and the removal of common soil from fabrics by laundering, an experiment was carried out on two pesticide chemicals, Captan (a fungicide which is an aqueous suspension of particles) and Guthion (an insecticide which is an emulsifiable concentrate and an oil-based formulation). Two fabrics, 100% cotton denim and Gore Tex nylon fabric/polytetrafluroethylene film laminate, were selected as being representative of protective clothing for agricultural workers and were exposed to simulated field spraying of pesticide solutions. The level of pesticide contamination (soil content) was determined by quantitative analysis before and after laundering by a procedure designed to simulate one home laundering cycle. It was found that the removal of pesticide residues from fabrics was similar to the removal of common dirt, at least for the two pesticide formulations studied.

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StatePublished - 1983

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