Research Analytics: A Systematic Literature Review

Katherine Robershaw, Baron Wolf

Research output: Working paperPreprint


As data-informed decision-making continues to evolve across multiple disciplines in higher education institutions, and as the role of research administration continues to expand from proposal submissions, compliance, and managing research and development expenditures to a profession of an active partnership with investigators to support institutional research, it becomes necessary to have a strategy or model to inform best practices in both strategic planning and business operations within research administration. As numerous research evaluation frameworks and assessment models were proposed to improve the administrative processes of institutional research, this project proposes a data-analytics approach to enhance the services provided by research administrators to minimize risks, maximize efficiencies, and better support researchers and other research and development (R&D) personnel in higher education. This article documents the process of conducting a systematic literature review on leveraging research administration data-analytics in higher education to provide evidence-based practices to inform decision-making regarding strategic advancement in institutional research. The literature review examines current works on how data can be effectively used in process operations, control, and provides new perspectives on how research administration process systems might evolve into a new paradigm of data enhanced operations and control.
Original languageAmerican English
StatePublished - Feb 24 2023


  • research administration
  • data analytics
  • systematic literature review
  • strategic planning
  • business operations


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