Rotation and manure amendment increase soil macro-aggregates and associated carbon and nitrogen stocks in flue-cured tobacco production

Congming Zou, Yan Li, Wei Huang, Gaokun Zhao, Guorui Pu, Jiaen Su, Mark S. Coyne, Yi Chen, Longchang Wang, Xiaodong Hu, Yan Jin

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Flue-cured tobacco production in China is typically over-fertilised and mono-cropped. To understand how this agronomic management affects soil structure and organic matter, this study investigated the effect of rotation, fertilizer rate, and manure amendment on the proportion of water stable aggregates and aggregate-associated soil organic carbon (SOC) and total soil nitrogen (TSN) concentrations and stocks in tobacco production. Two tobacco management systems (Tobacco monoculture and Tobacco-rice rotation) with four fertilizer treatments (0, 75, and 112 kg N/ha, and 60 kg N/ha + manure) were established in 1998. After 18 years, soil aggregation and aggregate-associated SOC and TSN were significantly affected by rotation and fertilizer management. Compared to tobacco monoculture and current fertilizer management, rotation and manure amendment increased macroaggregate (>250 μm) proportion and geometric mean diameter and decreased the proportion of microaggregates and silt-clay sized fractions (<250 μm). Simultaneously, rotation and manure amendment increased macroaggregate-associated SOC and TSN stocks at the expense of the microaggregate and silt-clay size class and their associated SOC and TSN stocks. Rotation and/or manure treatment can maintain satisfactory physico-chemical soil properties through macroaggregate stabilization in tobacco production, which contributes to conserving SOC and TSN stocks.

Original languageEnglish
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Number of pages10
StatePublished - Sep 1 2018

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The authors are thankful to Dr. Junying Li and Dr. Bingwu Wang for their valuable assistance and advice in the preparation of this paper. This work was financially supported in part by the National Natural Science Foundation of China Grant ( 41601330 ), and the Yunnan Applied Basic Research Project ( 2017FB074 ), and the Yunnan Provincial Tobacco Monopoly Bureau Grants ( 2016YN28 , 2017YN09 ).

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  • Flue-cured tobacco
  • Manure
  • Rotation
  • Water-stable aggregate
  • Yunnan

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