Search for periodicities in the B8 solar neutrino flux measured by the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory

B. Aharmim, S. N. Ahmed, A. E. Anthony, E. W. Beier, A. Bellerive, M. Bergevin, S. D. Biller, M. G. Boulay, M. G. Bowler, Y. D. Chan, M. Chen, X. Chen, B. T. Cleveland, T. Costin, G. A. Cox, C. A. Currat, X. Dai, H. Deng, J. Detwiler, P. J. DoeR. S. Dosanjh, G. Doucas, C. A. Duba, F. A. Duncan, M. Dunford, J. A. Dunmore, E. D. Earle, S. R. Elliott, H. C. Evans, G. T. Ewan, J. Farine, H. Fergani, F. Fleurot, J. A. Formaggio, W. Frati, B. G. Fulsom, N. Gagnon, J. T.M. Goon, K. Graham, R. L. Hahn, A. L. Hallin, E. D. Hallman, W. B. Handler, C. K. Hargrove, P. J. Harvey, R. Hazama, K. M. Heeger, L. Heelan, W. J. Heintzelman, J. Heise, R. L. Helmer, R. J. Hemingway, A. Hime, M. A. Howe, M. Huang, E. Inrig, P. Jagam, N. A. Jelley, J. R. Klein, L. L. Kormos, M. S. Kos, A. Krüger, C. Kraus, C. B. Krauss, A. V. Krumins, T. Kutter, C. C.M. Kyba, H. Labranche, R. Lange, J. Law, I. T. Lawson, K. T. Lesko, J. R. Leslie, I. Levine, J. C. Loach, S. Luoma, R. MacLellan, S. Majerus, J. Maneira, A. D. Marino, N. McCauley, A. B. McDonald, S. McGee, C. Mifflin, K. K.S. Miknaitis, B. G. Nickel, A. J. Noble, E. B. Norman, N. S. Oblath, C. E. Okada, H. M. O'Keeffe, R. W. Ollerhead, G. D.Orebi Gann, J. L. Orrell, S. M. Oser, T. Ouvarova, S. J.M. Peeters, A. W.P. Poon, C. S.J. Pun, K. Rielage, B. C. Robertson, R. G.H. Robertson, E. Rollin, S. S.E. Rosendahl, M. H. Schwendener, S. R. Seibert, O. Simard, J. J. Simpson, C. J. Sims, D. Sinclair, L. Sinclair, P. Skensved, M. W.E. Smith, R. G. Stokstad, L. C. Stonehill, R. Tafirout, Y. Takeuchi, G. Tešić, M. Thomson, K. V. Tsang, T. Tsui, R. Van Berg, C. J. Virtue, B. L. Wall, D. Waller, C. E. Waltham, H. Wan Chan Tseung, D. L. Wark, J. Wendland, N. West, J. F. Wilkerson, J. R. Wilson, J. M. Wouters, M. Yeh, K. Zuber

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A search has been made for sinusoidal periodic variations in the B8 solar neutrino flux using data collected by the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory over a 4-year time interval. The variation at a period of 1 yr is consistent with modulation of the B8 neutrino flux by the Earth's orbital eccentricity. No significant sinusoidal periodicities are found with periods between 1 d and 10 years with either an unbinned maximum likelihood analysis or a Lomb-Scargle periodogram analysis. The data are inconsistent with the hypothesis that the results of the recent analysis by Sturrock et al., based on elastic scattering events in Super-Kamiokande, can be attributed to a 7% sinusoidal modulation of the total B8 neutrino flux.

Original languageEnglish
Article number052010
JournalPhysical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology
Issue number5
StatePublished - Sep 1 2005

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