Serum cardiovascular-related metabolites disturbance exposed to different heavy metal exposure scenarios

Feifei Liu, Xiaolu Chen, Yisi Liu, Zhiping Niu, Hong Tang, Shuyuan Mao, Na Li, Gongbo Chen, Hao Xiang

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Health effects induced by heavy metal components of particulate matter need further research. A total of 32 healthy volunteers were recruited to walk for 4 h in two different exposure scenarios in Wuhan from May 1 to Jun 30, 2019. Metabolomics technology was used to identify serum cardiovascular-related metabolites disturbance, and the health risk assessment model was employed to assess the non-carcinogenic and carcinogenic risks associated with airborne heavy metals. The results showed that the average mass concentrations of Co, Ni, Cd, Cu, Ag and Ba in PM10 from May 1 to Jun 30, 2019 were 0.22, 0.49, 11.53, 2.23, 34.47 and 4.19 ng/m3, respectively, and were 0.86, 128.47, 291.85, 291.94, 98.55 and 422.62 ng/m3 in PM2.5, respectively. Healthy young adults briefly exposed to heavy metals were associated with serum cardiovascular-related metabolites disturbance, including increased SM(d18:1/17:0) and Sphingomyelin, and decreased GlcCer(d16:1/18:0) and Galabiosylceramide, simultaneously accompanied by activation of the sphingolipid metabolism pathway. Non-carcinogenic and carcinogenic risks of airborne heavy metals via the inhalation route were observed, Ni and Cd most influenced to potential health risks. Findings indicated exposure to increment of heavy metals may increase health risks by causing cardiovascular-related metabolites disturbance via activating the sphingolipid metabolism pathway.

Original languageEnglish
Article number125590
JournalJournal of Hazardous Materials
StatePublished - Aug 5 2021

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  • Metabolism
  • Particulate matter

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