Single cell transcriptome analyses of the developing zebrafish eye— perspectives and applications

Oliver Vöcking, Jakub K. Famulski

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Within a relatively short period of time, single cell transcriptome analyses (SCT) have become increasingly ubiquitous with transcriptomic research, uncovering plentiful details that boost our molecular understanding of various biological processes. Stemming from SCT analyses, the ever-growing number of newly assigned genetic markers increases our understanding of general function and development, while providing opportunities for identifying genes associated with disease. SCT analyses have been carried out using tissue from numerous organisms. However, despite the great potential of zebrafish as a model organism, other models are still preferably used. In this mini review, we focus on eye research as an example of the advantages in using zebrafish, particularly its usefulness for single cell transcriptome analyses of developmental processes. As studies have already shown, the unique opportunities offered by zebrafish, including similarities to the human eye, in combination with the possibility to analyze and extract specific cells at distinct developmental time points makes the model a uniquely powerful one. Particularly the practicality of collecting large numbers of embryos and therefore isolation of sufficient numbers of developing cells is a distinct advantage compared to other model organisms. Lastly, the advent of highly efficient genetic knockouts methods offers opportunities to characterize target gene function in a more cost-efficient way. In conclusion, we argue that the use of zebrafish for SCT approaches has great potential to further deepen our molecular understanding of not only eye development, but also many other organ systems.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1213382
JournalFrontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology
StatePublished - 2023

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  • anterior segment
  • retina
  • single cell transcriptome
  • transgenic
  • zebrafish

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