Strategic planning with horticultural crop industries

Donald Ricks, Duncan Boughton, Conrad Lyford, Timothy Woods

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This paper illustrates how an industry strategic planning framework and approach can be useful to aid horticultural industries in gearing up for future competitiveness. We also discuss how business-oriented agricultural economists can provide key informational roles through research and industry linkages as part of this overall strategic planning framework. Our discussion is based substantially upon our experiences in assisting certain industries in their strategic planning efforts. Our experiences with this work indicate a number of key elements that can be useful for an industry strategic planning framework. We have, also, to some extent, drawn upon some strategic management concepts and approaches that have been developed by business school academics with a primary focus on the firm (Porter, 1980). We have made considerable modifications and adaptations of some of these concepts to fit the complexity and realities of strategic planning with a broad industry approach. This paper includes: (a) a section on special challenges of horticultural industries which can be aided by industry strategic planning, (b) a case-study example of strategic planning by the Michigan apple industry, and

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Title of host publicationActa Horticulturae
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StatePublished - Aug 1 1996

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