Striatal activation to monetary reward is associated with alcohol reward sensitivity

Milena Radoman, Natania A. Crane, Stephanie M. Gorka, Jessica Weafer, Scott A. Langenecker, Harriet de Wit, K. Luan Phan

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One well-known phenotypic risk factor for the development of alcohol use disorder is sensitivity to the rewarding effects of alcohol. In the present study, we examined whether individuals who are sensitive to alcohol reward are also sensitive to nondrug rewards, thereby reflecting a broader individual difference risk factor. Specifically, we tested the hypothesis that subjective response to acute rewarding effects of alcohol would be related to neural activation during monetary reward receipt relative to loss (in the absence of alcohol). Community-recruited healthy young social drinkers (N = 58) completed four laboratory sessions in which they received alcohol (0.8 g/kg) and placebo in alternating order under double-blind conditions, providing self-report measures of subjective response to alcohol at regular intervals. At a separate visit 1–3 weeks later, they completed a reward-guessing game, the ‘Doors’ task, during fMRI in a drug-free state. Participants who reported greater motivation (i.e., wanting) to consume more alcohol after a single moderate dose of alcohol also exhibited greater neural activation in the bilateral ventral caudate and the nucleus accumbens during reward receipt relative to loss. Striatal activation was not related to other subjective ratings including alcohol-induced sedation, stimulation, or pleasure (i.e., feeling, liking). Our study is the first to show that measures of alcohol reward are related to neural indices of monetary reward in humans. These results support growing evidence that individual differences in responses to drug and nondrug reward are linked and together form a risk profile for drug use or abuse, particularly in young adults.

Original languageEnglish
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StatePublished - Jan 2021

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