Synthesis and Structure of [(NMe2)3TiFe(CO)2(Cp)]: A Stable Iron-TItanlum Bond

William J. Sartain, John P. Selegue

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:[Ti(NMe2)4] reacts with [FeH(CO)2(Cp)] to form [(NMe2)3TiFe(CO)2(Cp)] (1), by the elimination of 1 equiv of HNMe2. This compound was spectroscopically characterized, and its structure was determined by sin-gle-crystal X-ray diffraction (R = 4.0%, Rw= 4.4%). There is a direct, unsupported bond between iron and titanium in 1, with bond lengths of 2.567 (1) and 2.569 (1) Å in two independent molecules. The relative orientation of the ligands on iron and titanium suggests that there may be a π-component of the metal-metal bond. Amide methyl groups distal to iron show unusually obtuse Ti-N-C angles of about 130°. Analogous complexes with alkoxide ligands on titanium are more labile than 1.

Original languageEnglish
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StatePublished - Aug 1 1987

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