Synthesis of Psoralidin derivatives and their anticancer activity: First synthesis of Lespeflorin I1

Pallab Pahari, Ujwal Pratim Saikia, Trinath Prasad Das, Chendil Damodaran, Jürgen Rohr

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Synthetic scheme for the preparation of a number of different derivatives of anticancer natural product Psoralidin is described. A convergent synthetic approach is followed using simple starting materials like substituted phenyl acetic esters and benzoic acids. The developed synthetic route leads us to complete the first synthesis of an analogous natural product Lespeflorin I1, a mild melanin synthesis inhibitor. Preliminary bioactivity studies of the synthesized compounds are carried out against two commonly used prostate cancer cell lines. Results show that the bioactivity of the compounds can be manipulated by the simple modification of the functional groups.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)3324-3334
Number of pages11
Issue number23
StatePublished - Jun 9 2016

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Financial support came from grants of the National Institutes of Health, USA ( R01 GM 105977 and R01 CA 091901 ), DST-SERB, New Delhi, India ( GPP0299 ), and CSIR, New Delhi, India ( MLP3000/03 ). The authors thank mass spectrometry facility and Department of Chemistry at the University of Kentucky and analytical facility at CSIR-NEIST for recording all the spectral data.

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  • Anticancer
  • Convergent synthesis
  • Prenylated coumestane
  • Psoralidin

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