Textile superhighways

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Performance textiles have satisfied customers demand with both the fashion and function as it provides elegant, soft designs that wear like iron and take the abuse while still looking great. Upholstering commercial public seating requires fabrics to have higher abrasion resistance while its performance and durability will determine its serviceability. Selecting a fabric for commercial upholstery application has many factors to be considered with its durability, dimensional stability, soil and stain resistance, appearance retention and fire retardance. Meanwhile, nanotechnology has been utilized by the textile industry to improve its performance and increase the functionality of textiles. Meanwhile, microfibers are defined to be 100 times finer than a human hair and half the thickness of a silk fiber which is used to enhance the fabric hand to provide a luxurious feel and soft touch. Nanotechnology in a stain-resistant fluorochemical finish provides a stain-free or stain-resistant kind of upholstery fabrics. Antimicrobial finishes in the health care market prevents or destroys microorganisms to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold spores.

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