The AIChE concept warehouse: A web-based tool to promote concept-based instruction

Milo D. Koretsky, John L. Falconer, Bill J. Brooks, Debra M. Gilbuena, David L. Silverstein, Christina Smith, Marina Miletic

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This paper describes the AIChE Concept Warehouse, a recently developed web-based instructional tool that enables faculty within the discipline of chemical engineering to better provide their students concept-based instruction. It currently houses over 2,000 concept questions and 10 concept inventories pertinent to courses throughout the core chemical engineering curriculum. These questions are available for faculty use both as in-class concept-based clicker questions (or ConcepTests) and stand-alone concept inventories, and can be accessed in various formats (online or offline) for use in class and on assignments and exams. The design philosophy is to make the tool versatile so that it can be used in the way that best fits with the instructor's teaching philosophy and the program's educational environment. Instructors and students perceive it to catalyze engagement and promote learning. While domain specificity is critical to the targeted development of tools like the one we describe, we argue that the computer-based approach is generic and could be applied to any engineering discipline. One objective in describing this tool and characterizing our experiences using it is to contribute to such wider adaptation.

Original languageEnglish
JournalAdvances in Engineering Education
Issue number1
StatePublished - 2014


  • Educational technology
  • Interactive learning environments
  • Teaching/Learning strategies

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