The conversion of ruth in Targum ruth

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In the book of Ruth there is no doubt that the title character is a central figure. Targum Ruth re-presents her as the Rabbinic proselyte par excellence. This is accomplished primarily through additions to 1:16-7. But Ruth's status as the ideal convert is also confirmed thorough Boaz's announcement that she would be "saved from the judgment of Gehenna so that [her] portion may be with Sarah and Rebekah and Rachel and Leah" (TgRuth 2:12) and that she is "a righteous woman and there is in [her] strength to bear the yoke of the commandments of the LORD" (TgRuth 3:11). Examining these and other changes to the biblical text introduced by the Targumist, this article demonstrates how, in the Targum, Ruth becomes not just an admirable woman who acts out of kindness to her mother-in-law but is truly the Rabbinic exemplar for all converts.

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